Asset Management Services

Omnia Real Estate Services innovatively combines the power of institutional distressed asset aggregation with a network of comprehensively trained real estate professionals to deliver best-in-class fulfillment to the real estate industry. Omnia solves many of the challenges hindering the default industry today. By combining the educational component that ensures agents and brokers are well-prepared to receive, value, track, market and dispose of any type of property, the aggregation of non-performing assets from a variety of sources, multiple, efficient disposition channels, and the legal advice necessary to resolve the issues surrounding commercial REO and short sale, all sitting on a proven state-of-the-art technology platform, Omnia is the solution for troubled-asset disposition industry.

Omnia currently works with a nationwide network of suppliers that provide bank-directed residential short sales, BPO/BOV/valuations tasks, and residential and commercial REO assignments…and we are adding more all the time. Additionally, Omnia aggregates consumer-elected short sales nationwide and distributes those listings to the Omnia network.

Asset Aggregation

Omnia works with many Community Banks, Credit Unions, Hedge Funds, REITs, Private Equity firms, Residential Asset Management companies and High Net Worth Individuals by delivering efficient and cost-effective disposition and valuation services.  Additionally, Omnia has developed a unique consumer-elected short sale program that is delivering properties/assets and clients to our broker network via our proprietary system.

Technology Partners

Omnia’s technology partners provide industry standard solutions (implemented by some of the largest institutions in the country) for documenting, tracking and closing all types of transactions, from REO (Commercial and Residential) to Short Sale (Commercial and Residential) to Valuations (Commercial and Residential)

Nationwide Legal Solutions

A nationwide legal services network is on-call, ready to assist sellers – both institutional and individual – through the legal tangle that many non-performing assets present. Click here to see our press release.

Commercial Readiness

Some of us capitalized on the distressed residential cycle of the past seven-10 years and unfortunately, some of us did not. And as many of you know, the commercial securities industry is entering a period of record default.  An unprecedented wave of commercial debt loans – about $1.4 Trillion – will reach the end of their terms between 2012-2016. Nearly 50% are currently “underwater” and nearly $400 Billion will not qualify for refinancing. The first step to competing in the Commercial default field is learning how to value properties.