Commercial Valuation

Omnia offers commercial and residential real estate valuations and evaluations nationwide. Expanding on basic broker price opinions, our commercial BOVs start with an actual person standing on the subject property, something we call “feet on the street, eyes on the property” (FOSEOP) and integrate relevant real-time market data (including condition and location factors affecting value) to provide a more comprehensive evaluation that allows our clients to make informed decisions. Ideal for asset managers, portfolio managers or underwriters, commercial BOVs give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your asset is properly evaluated and valued.

Customized output: Although we have created and evolved our suite of products to be the best in the industry, we also offer customized output forms to fit the needs of our clients. Our clients choose the data fields and the information needed and Omnia will create a custom output form that suits all of our clients’ needs.  We like to think of it as “hand-crafted” to the exact specifications of our clients.

We currently offer valuation/evaluation services in 48 states (which includes Hawaii & Alaska). We have a full suite of commercial valuation products ranging from a drive-by condition report to a full-blown CCIM fulfilled, income-based valuation.  Our most popular commercial product is a comprehensive report on location, physical condition, market conditions, comparable evaluation, FOSEOP photographs and of course, value…and it is 2010 Interagency Guideline Compliant.